Web App Introduction

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Hi everyone! Welcome to a new installation of our programming course!

In this next series, we will be building a full web application that is complete with html templating, usage of a general purpose backend language, and using an SQL database.

What we will build?

Here, we will be building a geotag album. A web application that let users register, upload geotagged photos, create albums and show a map previewing the location of each uploaded photo in an album.

This part of the series is an introduction of what we will be learning. On the previous part, we slightly tackled some programming concepts by building the checklist app. In this second app, we will be dealing deeper into those concepts by using the programming language Python.

User Story

So before building or starting to code any software, it is a good idea that the software building be planned. This way, our work will have some kind of direction and not just waste hours of corrections and refining the functionalities and features without the proper goal. So to present the initial user story, please look at the following.

Site visitation

Signing up

Signing in

On the gallery page, the following elements are present:

  • List of albums

Main content

  • Map covering all geotagged photos of the selected album
  • List of photos of the selected album on a scrollview


So maybe enough with that. I hope you get a picture of what we are going to build. See you on the next one guys!

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